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Jan Gibson

Former Surrey School District Principal

Norma Jean Maxwell is a dedicated, highly effective Education Assistant. She has an excellent knowledge and understanding of children and their learning needs. I attended an Orton Gillingham workshop presented by Norma Jean on a Professional Development Day. Her engaging workshop was informative and offered practical and effective strategies to put into practice.

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Dana Crowley

Principal Surrey School District

I had the pleasure of working with Norma Jean Maxwell for several years at Clayton Elementary.  Not only is she an exceptional EA with the skills to work with the most advanced needs of students, Norma Jean is a natural leader.  As a trained Orton Gillingham tutor, Norma Jean was able to work with students with learning disabilities who were far behind in their literacy skills.  Norma Jean facilitated a 4 week workshop for our teachers and EAs as well as led many Professional Development days where she shared her knowledge and skills.   She is personable, funny and confident as she presents information and strategies.  I would highly recommend her as a Pro D presenter and trainer.

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Helen Baizley

Former Education Assistant, SD 36

Over the years, I have attended several of Norma Jean’s workshops and learned a great deal about how to effectively teach students to read and spell in fun, engaging ways using the Orton-Gillingham approach. While implementing NJ’s teachings, I have seen students flourish in the classroom in response to the care and attention that this approach embodies. Norma Jean herself has been a wonderful leader and example to both myself and fellow EAs, as well as the teaching staff, as she goes above and beyond to make learning fun and engaging for every student she works with. Her hard work and dedication is infectious, as she continues to develop new strategies and happily shares her knowledge. I enjoyed and greatly benefitted from attending her workshops and Professional Development presentations. Her passion for the Orton Gillingham approach is invaluable and she would be an asset to any educator who has the privilege of working with her and learning from her."

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Roxanne Brown

Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher

NJ trained our staff in the Orton Gillingham methodology and techniques both in a 4-week workshop and several Professional Development presentations. We all enjoyed her humorous, engaging presentation style and learning about all the things we didn't know about the English Language and the various elements and skills required to learn to read and spell!! She clearly presented spelling and reading rules and always included a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to use so you could engage even your hard-to-reach learners.


Harpreet Dhaliwal

Parent and Education Assistant, SD36

Over the past several years that Norma Jean and I have worked together, she has been a great support for me. Anytime I have needed help and/or guidance, I have gone to her, and she has always found a solution or given me a different perspective on the situation. I recently attended her 6-week Time to Shine workshop which has been invaluable. Not only did I leave with a better understanding of the various components that all need to come together for a child to learn to read and spell, but I also learned all kinds of fun ways to teach that keep kids engaged. I feel far more confident in my skills and ability to support kids in learning to read. I would totally recommend this workshop to any educator or parent that wants to best support their child’s learning.


Jenn Evans

EA, Surrey School District

I really enjoyed learning from Norma Jean. Her weekly lessons were very informative and fun. The workshop provided me with a better understanding of the complexity of the English language and the many different challenges a child can face while trying to learn to read and spell. I now understand the importance of having kids use all of their learning modalities and how effective the right kind of repetition is. It was also packed with materials and strategies as well as video demonstrations on how to implement them and make learning fun and engaging. I don’t know if I’ve ever gained so much insight and knowledge from just one course before! I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to provide better support to their littles.


Sapreet Gosal

EA, SD36

NJ Maxwell's training as an EA mentor has really been helpful to me in building a solid rock foundation for my career. She is so knowledgeable and has so much experience working with kids with lots of different needs. She is specialized in helping children who need extra support in both academics and behavioural modification. Her specialized Orton Gillingham teaching techniques have been so helpful to so many kids. I really appreciate getting to learn so much from NJ during my one-month practicum. I am positive that if I ever get to work with her again, I will learn so much more. NJ has always encouraged me to do better and be a better version of myself. I feel lucky that I had NJ as my EA mentor.

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Wendy Konrath

EA, SD36

I recently took the Time to Shine 6-week workshop with Norma Jean and I’m so happy I did! Even though I’m already an educator, I was shocked to discover all the ways and things I could do to better support my student’s learning. I immediately started to implement many of the materials and multi sensory strategies that she gave us. I particularly enjoyed learning the differences between how to teach phonetic words and sight words. The video demonstrations were really detailed and helpful. This is a great program for parents and teachers alike.