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Time to Shine Teaching

Perfect for use with the Phonics Courses by

Time to Shine Teaching

Assessment Toolkit

Video Tutorial and Downloadable Charts

Relieve stress, reduce frustration, and eliminate resistance
by identifying exactly where to begin, and how to continue,
a student's reading, spelling and printing learning journey

Assessment is the Foundation of good teaching

Teaches the name of the letter associated with each symbol
in a fun way

Build confidence and self esteem by correctly identifying gaps in a student's knowledge and teaching what they really need to know

Includes everything you need
to conduct a thorough assessment of a student's ability to read, spell and print
(19 documents and and downloads), including :

-Video tutorial

-Step by Step printable guide

-Drill Deck (phonemes)

-Sight Word Deck

-Charting documents for each assessment component and instructions about how to complete each part of the assessment

-Expert advice on how to interpret the results and suggestions for your next steps to address gaps noted


Buy once, and use repeatedly,
with all your students

Useful for any age of student. Easy and effective. Proven to work.

Developed by Norma Jean Maxwell, a Highly Trained and experienced Special Education teacher (Orton Gillingham Certification, and 16+ years teaching experience).


Excellent value
at just $47.99
for the entire toolkit

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