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Time to Shine Teaching



'a', 'm', 's', 'n', 'f'

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Teacher and Pupil
Parents, tutors, teachers, and homeschoolers who said they felt frustrated, stressed, and worried before switching to using Normal Jean Maxwell's approach to teaching children
said they felt this way afterwards:

* Confident because they knew what to teach and how to teach it

* Deeply relieved to see their child's self esteem soar as they learned, especially children who had struggled to learn using conventional methods

* Happy for their child's future because their child can read, spell and print well

What people are saying


"I just downloaded the first letters and watched the tutorials. I can't thank you enough for this -- it is excellent and so well done. I just ordered a colour printer to use with this."

- Vicki Lightfoot, Homeschooling Mom, Canada

"The materials are excellent!'

"It fits with my existing curriculum and could also fit to be adapted to different curriculum."

-Leela Steissand, Homeschooling Mom, Australian living in Mexico

"I had the pleasure of working with Norma Jean Maxwell for several years at Clayton Elementary.  Not only is she an exceptional EA with the skills to work with the most advanced needs of students, Norma Jean is a natural leader.  As a trained Orton Gillingham tutor, Norma Jean was able to work with students with learning disabilities who were far behind in their literacy skills.  Norma Jean facilitated a 4 week workshop for our teachers and EAs as well as led many Professional Development days where she shared her knowledge and skills.   She is personable, funny and confident as she presents information and strategies."

-Dana Crowley, Principal Surrey School District, Surrey, B.C, Canada

Who Are We

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