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Changing learning changes lives.
Let me show you how to help your child learn to read, spell and write regardless of their learning level or style.

ALL children can learn using my methodology.
-Norma Jean Maxwell

Time to Shine Teaching helps parents, teachers, educational assistants and other educators feel relieved, hopeful and confident as educators,
proven-to-work solutions for teaching reading, spelling and writing to children, through coaching, online courses, and by using high quality teaching materials.



For individual Students

I offer one on one support for your child’s learning. Whether it’s working directly with your child, providing one-to-one coaching for parents, or working with you and your child

together, we offer the support you need to help your child succeed. If you are looking for that

one-on-one assistance, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Parents and Daughter

For Parents and  Homeschoolers

My workshops and courses about reading, spelling and printing are perfect for parents. They incorporate the basic Orton Gillingham

methodology to provide you with the skills and strategies you need to better support

your child’s learning in fun, effective, and engaging ways. Become a subscriber to not only receive a FREE CLASS but receive $100 off the program.

Teacher and Student

For Educational Pod Teachers, Tutors, Educational Assistants and other Educators

Are you looking for ways to make your teaching more effective and engaging?

Are you trying to get through to ALL learners - even those “hard to reach” kids?

I provide professional development through weekly workshops and through private in-school bookings. Contact us for more information.


(B.C. Canada)

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Norma Jean

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Norma Jean


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About NJ
School Days


I have been in the business of supporting children for over 20 years. I have worked both within the public school system as a Special Education Assistant and privately as an Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutor and a Behaviour Interventionist.

I truly love teaching children with learning challenges and being able to provide relief and support for parents is something I am extremely passionate about.

I founded Time To Shine Teaching and Coaching so that I could support parents and educators in navigating the needs of children with learning differences by equipping them with the support, skills, training, and strategies to provide the greatest opportunity for children to succeed.


Norma Jean

"Understanding creates compassion and patience"


rsanne grey.jpg

Roseanne Grey


Norma Jean is a visionary when it comes to working with kids. She has a way of seeing potential no one else can see and helping that child reach new heights. She worked with my son both within the school system as well as privately and they were honestly his best years at school. He made so much progress! She had and still has, an unwavering belief in him and his potential. I never had to worry about my son having a bad day because somehow he always lived up to NJ's high expectations. She became a trusted member of our family and I will forever appreciate what she helped my son accomplish.


Raji Purewal

Parent and Education Assistant, SD 36

I recently attended the Time to Shine Level 1, six-week workshop with Norma Jean. I was initially impressed by the genuine love and caring she has for children and their well-being as well as her unshakable belief that all children are capable of learning. THEN I was struck by how little I actually knew about the construct of the English language!! I had no idea that it is all so logical! Norma Jean presented our training to us in a way that not only made sense to me but gave us a multitude of materials and strategies on how to use them to best reach learners at every level. I really see the benefit of learning this over the course of six weeks as it gave me time each week to process and put into practice each newly learned skill as well as gave me the opportunity to share my experience and ask questions the following week. I wish I’d had this information and training when my own children were learning to read! This workshop is HIGHLY recommended to any educator that would like to learn ways to reach more kids.


Tate Burgess

Education Assistant, SD 36

I am so grateful to have had Norma Jean as my mentor. Learning from her was eye opening. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of education; academics, behavioral, social, and emotional needs. Everyday with her I had a list of new strategies and techniques that will benefit both me as an educator and any student I work with.

She showed how passionate she was in her work everyday, and I often had no questions for her because she would go into such detail when explaining and teaching me. She has reassured me that I can always come to her for anything I may need and I have done so. NJ has so much knowledge that needs to be shared with the world!

The Time to Shine

Time to Shine

The Time to Shine workshop combines the Orton Gillingham basic methodology with an ENGAGING approach that makes it FUN for kids to learn how to read, spell, and print. 

Orton Gillingham is a scientifically proven teaching method that involves using all of our learning modalities simultaneously. Although this approach is primarily used with dyslexic students or students with reading challenges, the exciting news is that it works with all learners!

The English language has 26 letters in the alphabet but these letters can be combined to create approximately 44 speech sounds. Even more challenging is that there are over 250 ways to spell those sounds!

This seems daunting, doesn't it? 

The Orton Gillingham approach translates the spelling of these sounds into phonograms (letters or letter combinations) and takes the mystery out of reading and spelling by teaching students to apply spelling rules and generalizations. 

The English language is actually very logic-based. By focusing on why words are spelled the way they are, we can help make what was once confusing and difficult, much easier. We can help give kids the confidence that they can "think" (logicalize) their way through language problems instead of counting only on their memory.


This makes it an EMOTIONALLY SOUND approach to teaching. How a child feels about themselves and about their learning is vital. Confidence comes from mastery which takes away any tensions and anxiety. This also makes a person want to achieve their best. 

And the most exciting part is that it is an effective approach in all subject areas and it can be so FUN!!

Children in Library


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Students with Masks


COVID-19 has really created some challenges for our educational system. Educators had to quickly learn how to deliver virtual distance learning and still connect with their students. Some parents have chosen to homeschool their children and are suddenly faced with that great responsibility. Unfortunately, through it all, the casualties have been the children.  Many parents are feeling that their children have lost valuable learning time and are now suffering real consequences from the past two years of disrupted learning.


Whether you are an educator or a parent teaching your little one at home, teaching a child to read, spell and print can be a mountainous task to take on with or without experience. With the support of a trained professional or by receiving training yourself you will be able to increase your child's confidence and self-esteem, prevent mental health issues such as anxiety, and/or depression, help them establish strong social connections as well as experience success in their learning.


Time to Shine Teaching is here to provide that training.


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Providing information, teaching ideas, and providing a platfrom to connect with me and other parents in your circumstance.

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Sharing my personal experience and philosophies on children with learning differences and their challenges. I also provide strategies and ideas to help make learning fun!

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